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Hello darlings,

Welcome to my blog! Keep reading to get the inside scoop on my life as an independent escort. I'll be posting regularly, so check back often to learn more about me.

Giselle Badeau


"...IMHO Giselle is not your typical provider. She is a remarkably beautiful, intelligent, sensual, free-spirit, who lives and loves on her own terms without constraint or apology, which I found to be very refreshing and quite stimulating. She has an absolutely incredible body that is soft, tanned, toned, and from all appearance has defied time itself. Her personality is warm, flirtatious, and engaging making it easy to connect with her on an emotional level; to me, it felt like we had been intimate friends for many years. She is well traveled, educated, and very intelligent. I could talk with her for hours on end and savor every minute. Finally, she is without a doubt the most uninhibited, sensual, and erotic lady I’ve ever met; her passion and ability to deliver pleasure knows no bounds."

"It was a hot July afternoon, but a hotter evening with Gigi. OMG what a woman! We had a great time. ...she never seemed to be tired of my company. I can't wait to go back. Perhaps the best time I have ever had with a woman."

"She looks even better in person. The moment I arrived, she made me feel that I was the center of her world. Yes, the price is high, but the reward is great...she is worth it! Giselle has the type of body that all men find attractive; better yet, but I found her perfect."

"This is a very, very, attractive mature woman that knows how to slowly build sexual tension in a man, maintain it to the point where you feel your heads are going to explode, and then sensually takes you to the release." "I really would have liked to keep her UTR as she is a beautiful soul - both physically and intellectually. Her home is as warm and inviting as her personality. This is not a rush you out service by someone only interested in collecting a fee. She enjoys making a connection and is an easy conversationalist. I felt at home and like I was visiting a long time friend. Treat her right and you will be treated very well."


1.   I am the only daughter of my parent's 4 children.
2.   I am the only granddaughter of my grandparent's 16 grandchildren.
3.   All my brothers' children are boys.
4.   I have one child. You guessed it...a boy!
5.   I am an Autodidact.
6.   I repair my own appliances, plumbing, some electrical, and my computers.
7.   I am TERRIFIED of heights.
8.   I am a classically trained pianist and violinist.
9.   I LOVE Belvedere Vodka.
10. Though against the rules, I have photographed the Sistene Chapel, the Mona Lisa, and the Catacombs of Paris. 
11. I wear fuzzy onesies around the house when I am alone.
12. The love of my life is a white Boxer named Lily Belle.
13.  I have plowed with a mule and harness!
14.  I collect and own odd, rare items.
15.  I personally knew every member and coach of the Tennessee Titans team when they went to the Super Bowl.
16.  I am addicted to museums.
17.  My favorite aroma, ever, is the smell inside a new book store!
18.  The most excited I have ever been was when a real Gypsy tried to pick pocket me on a Roman subway train.
19.  I can cross not only both eyes, but also one at a time lol.
20.  I can lick my own nipple, and would my clit too, if I was a contortionist! 
21.  I am an avid black and white photographer, and personally develop my own photos.
22.  I have ONE ticklish spot and you will never find it.
23. My best friend of 30+ years describes my attitude as that of "a man with a pussy". Ugh...
24.  All of my neighbors are retired widows.
25.  I have been clinically diagnosed and am medically treated for ADHD.
26.  I am a raging insomniac who often cannot sleep for 2 or 3 days at a time.
27.  I can sometimes be found exploring a beautiful, large, very old cemetery near my house from dusk until dawn.
28. I know MANY "famous" people but never talk about them. Shhhhh
29. When home, I sleep on TWO feather mattresses hand stiched by my belated, most beloved Grandmother who plucked her own geese to stuff them. (WHEN I am able to sleep!)
30.  I once punched and knocked out cold, a grown man in a bar for pulling my hair.
31.  I am hypersexual.
32.  I have already completed my journey on the path to self awareness. 
33.  I am an animal welfare advocate.
34.  I am an advocate for the elderly.
35.  I do not watch television.
36.  I do not read newspapers in print or online.
37.  I do not turn on the radio. It grates my nerves.
38.  I LOVE Episcopalian hymns sung in Latin.
39.  All of my adult life I have been obsessed with the Watergate scandal. 
40.  I am addicted to Coca-Cola. 
41.  My greatest pet peeve is spit on a sidewalk.
42.  I will never marry again.
43.  My feet are almost perfect!!
44.  One of my ancestors was beheaded at Tower Hill in London.
45.  The best Mexican food I have ever eaten was in Geneva, Switzerland. 
46.  I cook patacones like a true Panamanian!
47.  My all time favorite word is "fuck". I say it often, loud, and proud!
48.  To me, the finer things in life are not material or sexual. They come from nature! Get it right girls!
49.  My burial plot is in the cemetery of a church built by President Polk's family. 
50.  I am NOT your girlfriend! But I can surely fuck you into stupidity, and enjoy doing so...